The UA Philharmonic Orchestra

The UA Philharmonic was founded in 2001 as another orchestra for School of Music students, non-majors and other members of the UA community.  The Philharmonic is conducted by doctoral students András Derecskei, T. Andre Feagin, and Juan Montoya, who are supervised by Dr. Thomas Cockrell. Frequent sectional rehearsals lead by graduate students emphasize the improvement of technical and ensemble skills.  The orchestra performs two concerts a semester in Crowder Hall.

UA students may participate on a for-credit or extracurricular basis. T/Th, 7:30 - 9:30 P.M.  Audition informationPlease contact Dr. Cockrell for information.


Music 200-O, 400-O or 500-O, SECTION 2

Request for Absence

All requests for absence and lateness must be requested ONLINE and in advance.  You will be sent a response and approval or disapproval for your records.

Current year's performance schedule and repertoire

Repertoire  2001 - present

Weekly rehearsal schedule

The rehearsal schedule for the week is distributed by listserv to members early each week.  


On-line listening 

A huge library of streamed recordings is available to UA students through the Naxos Music Library.

If you are on campus:

If you are off campus:

Click on [NAXOS] under the Classical Music Section.  Your UA netID and password will give you access to the Naxos Music Library.


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